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General Election

for District 144



"On February 1st, 2022 I was sworn in at our capitol as the New State Representative of Connecticut's 144th District and promised to do my utmost to uphold your faith in our constitution and in our government.

Since taking office I am proud to have successfully worked to Invest in Education, Revitalize our Economy, Defend Abortion Access, Protect our Seniors, and Fight for Veterans and First Responders.

Coming into this second election, I am proud of the work I've done to make Stamford a better home for all of us. But there is more work to be done, and I am eager to advocate for Stamford's 144th District.


Working to Increase Educational Opportunities in Stamford 

Investing in Education

In last year's election, Hubert promised to secure funding for essential building repairs, increase access to educational opportunities, and expand community programs that would put Stamford students first.

From children to seniors, Hubert has worked to drive meaningful and impactful investments for Stamford's schools, students and teachers. 

  • Secured $204 million on infrastructure for Stamford schools over the next 25 years

  • Expanded eligibility requirements to ensure more districts have access to the federal School Breakfast Program

  • Expanded the debt free community college program

Revitalizing Our Economy

Increasing economic growth and stability in Stamford is a top priority for Hubert. The COVID-19 pandemic has only made it more difficult for small businesses to thrive. Since being elected, Hubert has worked to streamline processes to provide long-term economic stability and growth in the Stamford business community. 

Thus far Hubert has:

  • ​Secured $7 million for use by non-profits and organizations

  • Established the JobsCT program

  • Lowered the business tax rate for unemployment insurance

  • Increased funding to minority-owned businesses​ 


Increasing Economic Growth & Stability in Stamford 


Supporting Those Who Serve

& Protect Stamford

Fighting for Veterans and First Responders

As a U.S Army Sergeant, Hubert knows the sacrifice and service of soldiers and those who sign up to put themselves in harm’s way. In last year's election, Hubert promised to be a voice for veterans and first responders.


Since then Hubert has worked to expand access and resources for those serving in the line of duty, having:

  • Guaranteed veterans in-state tuition rates

  • Increased special relief funding for front line workers who worked through COVID-19

  • Secured funding for firefighters who leave service with a cancer diagnosis + increasing equipment requirements

Increasing Equity and Safety

As a black man and life-long Stamford resident, Hubert understands the importance of a safe and equitable society. Hubert has a made it a mission to push legislation that supports these values.

Since being elected Hubert has:

  • Established a Hate Crimes Investigation Unit  

  • Established an office for Gun Violence Prevention  

  • Limited the use of solitary confinement

  • Increased access to absentee voting

  • Honored the commitment to body cameras, police accountability  and new clean slate laws


Creating a More Equitable & Safe Stamford

Expanding Health Care Initiatives

COVID-19 exposed the many cracks in health care access across the country. To combat this in Stamford, Hubert has:

  • Provided grants to Stamford schools to hire more mental health support staff - including social workers, psychologists and counselors

  • Helped school based health centers develop new mental health programming


Providing Affordable and Accessible Health Care


Defending a Woman's

Right to Choose

Defending Roe v. Wade

Hubert supports a woman's right to choose . On the heels of Roe v. Wade, he has promised to defend the rights and access to quality care reproductive care.

Thus far Hubert has:

  • Created the Reproductive Freedom Defense Act to defend access to abortion health care in CT

  • Expanded screening opportunities for breast and cervical cancer

  • Secured free menstrual products in most public buildings

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Providing Affordable Options

for Stamford Residents

Lowering the Cost of Living

After completing active duty in the U.S. Army, Hubert returned to Stamford and found a changing city with a lack of affordable housing. 


For many residents, Stamford has been home for generations. But rising costs have made keeping Stamford  home difficult. To combat this Hubert has:

  • Required a local fair rent commission be created in all towns with 25K+ residents

  • Extended the Free Bus Service Program and cut the car tax 

Protecting Our Seniors

Stamford is a community that cares - that's why Hubert has promised to advocate for and pass legislation to ensure that senior residents are able to age in the city they call home.

Since being elected, Hubert has:

  • Helped cut property taxes for retirees

  • Capped prescription drug costs and reduced the cost of insulin

  • Ended the pension and annuity tax

  • Strengthened policies against Elder Abuse  


Continuing to Advocate for Stamford Seniors

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vote november 8

Make your way to the polls on November 8, 2022 for a general election for the State Representative seat for District 144.

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