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General Election

for District 144

Meet Hubert

Born in the city of Stamford, Connecticut, Hubert learned what it meant to serve from growing up in a civic-minded household with strong values. The great-grandson of Hubert  T. Delany, Martin Luther King Jr’s attorney, Hubert was raised to believe that the best way to uplift a community is to celebrate its diversity. Hubert also believes that it is important to fight for what’s right. As an Army paratrooper, soldier, journalist, and reservist, the missions that Hubert has served on have reinforced and developed his sense of duty, justice, patriotism, and honor.


“It doesn’t matter to me whether you’re conservative or liberal. I believe that everybody deserves the dignity of a conversation, and all of us deserve a seat at the table”

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Meet Hubert

A Son of Stamford

Hubert was born to his parents Deborah and Hubert Sr. in Stamford Hospital. After residing in Wilton, CT for the first few years of his life, Hubert returned to Stamford shortly before the Great Recession of 2008. As a teenager growing up in Stamford’s Waterside, Hubert helped create Stamford’s first Diversity Festival after realizing that there was a need to bring the people of his community together.


A Call of Honor

At the age of 21 Hubert volunteered to enlist in the United States Army as a public affairs mass communication specialist - and he has helped to tell the story of the US Soldier all over the world. His photos, videos, and stories have been featured in news publications such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, USA Today and others. He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for helping to champion diversity in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.  He was also awarded the Army Volunteer Service Medal for leading initiatives to promote military absentee voting. Hubert has served with various units from Fort Bragg and around the world, including the XVIII Airborne Corps, First Special Forces Command (Airborne), and US Army Europe.

The Home Front

Across the spectrum, Hubert has served his city and his neighbors in various ways. He has volunteered to help the patriotic and special events commission inspire the Stamford Patriotic spirit, and he has led the way to champion new policies for our city within Caroline Simmons’ transitional government.


An Oath

When Hubert became a Soldier he swore to defend the United States and the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. 

Now that he’s home Hubert is running to become the Connecticut State Representative for District 144, so he can continue to do what he has always done - fight for our community.

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