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General Election

for District 144


Hubert D. Delany

State Representative

144th District

On February 1st, 2022 I was sworn in at our capitol as the State Representative of Connecticut's 144th District and promised to do my utmost to uphold your faith in our constitution and in our government. In the months since, I've been able to work with lawmakers, community leaders and residents to uphold and expand my campaign promises of Investing in Education, Lowering the Cost of Living, Revitalizing Our Economy, Protecting Our Seniors and, Fighting for Veterans and First Responders. I am proud of the ways we've been able to create change in Stamford, but the work is not done. This year, Election Day is on November 8th. I hope you'll take some time to read about what I've been able to accomplish in the months since I was elected and trust me to continue the work in the 144th District.

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News12 The Bronx
State Rep. Hubert Delany reflects on ancestry during Black History Month
"[I want] To be a mirror and a torch. A mirror, so that others can see themselves where I stand. And a torch, to be able to pass on to others to be able to lift people up. That's what was done for me, and that's my responsibility to do that for others."


Connecticut officials push for anti-bias voting changes at the polls

“It’s important for us to be able to lead by example and to send a message to others that if you’re going to try to undermine democracy, that you’re going be able to try and undermine the right to vote, that you can’t do it here,”



Menstrual Equity Rally Held At UConn-Stamford

"One of the hallmarks of a well-run institution and a well-run government is handling the details that make the difference in peoples' lives."


NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Civil Rights Coalition and Connecticut Legislators Join Together in Calling for Passage of Voting Rights Bill S.B. 471

“Voting rights for all is a fundamental component of upholding a working democracy. We must ensure that our elections are being conducted in a fair and just manner."


News India Times

GOPIO-Connecticut celebrates India’s 75th Independence Day

On Sunday we celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the India’s Independence Day! We raised the American, Indian, and Connecticut flags, and then we celebrated the rich culture and history of our Indian and Indian American communities.

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The Stamford Advocate

Stamford, Norwalk gain big in ‘earth-shattering’ change to how CT refunds new school buildings

“It’s a matter of equity here for both Stamford and Norwalk and we needed to get this done because these schools are so critical for the future of the state."

   - Senate President Pro

     Tempore Martin Looney

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Synchrony’s new academy helps train students, workers in digital economy

“I wanted to be a nurse; now I’m going to the School of Engineering at UConn.”

   - Westhill senior, Nichole


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The Stamford Advocate

Before 2008, Stamford had never sent a Black legislator to Hartford. Now the city has 3: ‘We’ve come a long way

“I aim to serve as an example to make people feel like they can do it themselves .”



Dan Haar: For the three newest lawmakers, an opening day of ideals

“It’s equal parts hope and anticipation,” said Delany.

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Bysiewicz Touts CT's 'Summer At The Museum' Program In Stamford

"...we are working together to take care of the things that matter to people, like their children, their families, their love of learning, and ultimately, their happiness."

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Discovering Amistad

Governor Lamont Chooses the Amistad as Backdrop 
for Historic Bill Signing Ceremony in New London

Governor Lamont

signed Public Act 22-128, which established "Juneteenth Independence Day" as a Legal Holiday in Connecticut.

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The Stamford Advocate

Stamford’s Memorial Day parade is this Sunday. Here’s everything you need to know

“Everyone is going to be coming out to be able to show that the city of Stamford honors and remembers.”

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Gov. Lamont pledges to take in Ukrainian refugees if asked: CT ‘will do the right thing’

“We took refugees from Afghanistan when there was a need, and if there is a need from Ukraine as well, then absolutely we will do the right thing."

   - Governor Ned Lamont

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